Join the casitabi! Can you earn? Can not earn money? The reputation of online casino site

What is an casitabi?

I got rest at home because I hurt my waist. However, I also got tired of sleeping, so I started playing Kagi journey.
casitabi is a casino site operated by a company with a base overseas.
A very different point from other sites is that this Kagu journey has experience values and conditions to play the next game.
It has become a special game system also called RPG Casino, and draws a line in various ways from other casino sites.

casitabi experience stories

Read the explanation of the game, select the avatar and start playing, Jack & Bean Stoke of the slot appeared in the place where it moved. In order to aim for the big hit, I tried to make a good role while staring at the screen, but somehow it did not come together. As I knew it was useless by pushing, this time I got a few hits while properly hitting and hitting. However, it does not result in a big hit, it ends with the result that coins decrease only. If it is said that luck was bad, it was not until then.
Although I can understand that Jacks are winning, I can understand, because there is no choice but not to go out, I decided to move to a different slot. Because the achievement did not go up, the acquired experience value is a little, but I have no choice but to endure it.

Next the star burst came out on the screen. I tried challenging the acquisition of coins again thought that it was desperation rate. However, despite doing it with MAXBET, I was surprised because the number of coins on hand increased. It was a role that shaped like a star that often appeared, and frequently got out vertically. Thanks to that, I thought that the role of the star is a god of good fortune, because the child ‘s role gathered many times.
Since I was in good shape, as I played even more, I suddenly got all 7, so I felt it was terrible and gave out a loud voice. However, as I finished in 3 rows, the mood I felt was squashing at once. Still a good coin appeared so it looked good.
After that I played for about 30 minutes, but no jackpot involving BAR and 7 came out. Instead, there were many scenes in which four jewels of child duties were lined up, so it may not have been necessary to issue a big hit. I regret a bit because I did not get up to the fifth one, but the number of coins was plused greatly, so I was satisfied as a result.
Because it ended with a strong result, I was able to gain good experience value.