CasinoX Review,CasinoX Scam? Can you earn or not earn money? Reviews of online casino site

Join the CasinoX! Can you earn? Can not earn money? The reputation of online casino site

Let’s play it with CASINO-X’s reputation and payment bonus
CASINO – X is a site with a reputation for the richness of the original character 's slot game. Among online casinos, the server is less burdensome or comfortable playing features

What is an CasinoX?

CASINO-X is a casino that is unusual in online casinos, loading of homepages is a light casino.
Also, in CASINO – X, since many of the homepages are in Japanese, it will be an online casino that is familiar to even those who have never touched on – line casinos.
CASINO-X has become an online casino that offers orthodox games such as online slots, live dealers and table games.
Although the variety is not abundant, it can be said that it is a casino that puts emphasis on subcontent such as Japaneseization for that reason.
Online slots with CASINO – X have many slots with original characters as the center, and slots with high game characteristics are available.
I will introduce recommended slots that I thought was interesting, even among such high-slotted slots this time.

Recommended game of CASINO-X

The first thing we will introduce is “DOUBLE PLAY SUPER BET".


This “DOUBLE PLAY SUPER BET" slot is a type of slot that allows you to stack overlapping bets that are unusual for online slots.
There are two kinds of beds that can be stacked, one side increases the magnification of the wild picture DOUBLE PLAY.
And the other is a SUPER BET that extends the reinforced wild with the wild magnification to multiple reels.
Although it is advantageous for the game to use both bonuses, it is necessary to pay attention to it as it may become a situation that the number of bets rises up and you do not have a balance at all when using it.
Also, the biggest selling in “DOUBLE PLAY SUPER BET" is the free spin that the wild multiplier will double.
When entering free spins, a maximum of 18 times the wild picture is generated, so you can expect a ridiculous high dividend just by getting involved with wild patterns.
“DOUBLE PLAY SUPER BET", the production is also wonderful, although the payout table is also in Japanese, there are disadvantages such as the heavy processing of the slot.
Because it is also a machine that requires a computer’s specifications, it will be slightly uneasy to play with a little older computer.


Next we will introduce “DRIVE MULTIPLIER MAYHEM".

“DRIVE MULTIPLIER MAYHEM" is a game in which slot processing is light, unlike the “DOUBLE PLAY SUPER BET" introduced earlier.
Even if the slot stops fast forward, it will be crispy, so it’s a game you can recommend to those who want to digest the game fast.
“DRIVE MULTIPLIER MAYHEM" is a slot of the type where the magnification is generated in the wild picture.
There are wilds up to five times so if you combine wild patterns you can expect a large dividend.
Also, “DRIVE MULTIPLIER MAYHEM" is also a machine where free spins are interesting.
In free spins in “DRIVE MULTIPLIER MAYHEM", it is the key to collect NITRO which is a special picture.
If you let three NITRO appear on the reel, a fixed wild pattern will appear and free spins will be added.
Moreover, each time you collect 3 NITRO bonuses will rise and up to 3 fixed wilds will be generated on the reel.
“DRIVE MULTIPLIER MAYHEM" is a machine with great destructive power by free spin.
Thanks to the magnification normally decided as a wild picture, it will be able to be used as a machine that can expect some hit.
“DRIVE MULTIPLIER MAYHEM" is a wonderful machine that is easy to generate wild patterns in online slots, so it’s a wonderful machine that can combine ease of payment and high dividend.

CASINO-X Paid Member Bonus

CASINO – X will receive a bonus of + 200% for sponsored membership and free spins.

30 Free spin is quite big ^ ^
CASINO-X can also play free trial version of casino. Even those who are beginners who do not know what online casino is doing can enjoy it enough. You can play free of charge, do not you?