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What is an intercasino?

Inter Casino is a perfect casino for playing online casino for the first time.
Since content that is essential for online casino is covered, how about registering for trial purposes once?

Inter Casinos Evaluation and Recommended Slots

The first online slot to introduce is “LOST ISLAND".


What is the biggest feature of “LOST ISLAND" is the increase in the payout ratio due to the wild picture.
In “LOST ISLAND", the warranting pattern appears on the reel and the payout ratio increases.
One wild picture appears on the reel, and once the wild picture appears, two times when it appears, it is set so that the payout ratio gradually rises, and you can expect a maximum of 5 times dividends.
“LOST ISLAND" is a very interesting machine that said that if wild patterns are involved in 4 pieces, dividends will be raised even with low payout patterns.
Also, “Free Spins" of “LOST ISLAND", the wild pattern will be fixed at the center of the third reel.
Since free spin is started from the state where the wild magnification is always lit, it will be a free spin with explosive power that doubles the dividend just by the appearance of another wild pattern.
“LOST ISLAND" is a highly addictive machine in which the wild picture is combined with the role and the payout honey.
In contrast to calm music and sound effects, it can be said that it is a very interesting machine that can enjoy an incredible game.

Golden Fish Tank

Finally I recommend “Golden Fish Tank".

“Golden Fish Tank" has been changed to “SPIN PARTY", and it has become a machine that can be enjoyed slowly, with a very calm atmosphere.
The motif of the tropical ocean with coral, the comical fish are pretty, giving off the healing air.
The biggest feature of “Golden Fish Tank" is the free spin where special bonus occurs.
When you generate a free spin in “Golden Fish Tank", bonuses such as fixed wild and raising payout rate will occur.
There are also intense bonuses such as two fixed wilds occurring, or a certain pattern made into a wild picture, so if you get a bonus well you will be able to expect a high dividend.
“Golden Fish Tank" is a slot where a calm atmosphere is on sale.
It may be good to play when you are a bit tired at other slots, losing in other slots and being irritated.

How to obtain Free Bonus for Inter Casino

At the intercasino you can get a free bonus of $ 10 when you first register. The method of obtaining is simple and please give me a support dollar bonus of support@intercasino.com support. Please message and it is OK.

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