RoyalVegas Casino Review,RoyalVegas Casino Scam? Can you earn or not earn money? Reviews of online casino site

Join the RoyalVegas Casino! Can you earn? Can not earn money? The reputation of online casino site

What is an RoyalVegas Casino?

When you receive a deposit bonus with casino site “Royal Vegas", we will introduce the slots playing last to satisfy betting conditions.
In Royal Vegas you will need to bet 40 times the bonus amount if you receive a bonus. Especially banned games etc are not available,
The maximum bet amount upper limit is limited to less than 15% of the bonus amount.

■ One bet amount upper limit: 100 dollars to receive 100 dollars bonus, 15% = one bet amount upper limit is less than $ 15.
■ Betting conditions: 40 times the bonus amount If the bonus is 100 dollars, 4,000 dollars is a betting condition.

Furthermore, in table games like Baccarat and Blackjack, only 10% of the bet amount is counted as a betting condition.
So, if you increase in the table game, you will need to digest the betting conditions in the slot which will inevitably count 100%.
Trying to digest it on a big battle unit will result in a negative balance on the contrary, so we constantly try to turn the slot where the prize money will come.

【Slot bet on bonus】

5 reel 20 lines, bonus is scatter 3 free spins only.
Scatter symbols get 10 times when all three are aligned, 15 times if you have 4 pieces, and 20 free spins with triple multipliers if you have five scatter symbols.
Free scans can be reacquired if scatter symbols are aligned during free spin.

Characteristics of this slot frequently increases and decreases as WILD picture becomes complete,
Although there is no major win if it is not so bad, coin holding is very good.

Gamble function is also equipped, I think that it is better to try gambling when gaining a certain amount of prize money (* ^^ *)

It is very bad and heartbreaking to the heart if you do 500 dollars for another model with 1 spin 5 dollars,
For this model only it can be turned without much worry.

In fact, in my case I won nearly 3,000 dollars in Baccarat and when I digested the remaining bonus betting conditions $ 5,000,
I used to spin this table well at 1 spin 10 dollars (^ _ ^;)
As a result, it got negative nearly 200 dollars when I started turning the slot, but since I fulfilled the betting condition of 5,000 dollars at 1 spin 10 dollars,
Finally I could finish with a positive balance of $ 2,800.

The slot we introduced this time is really recommended, so if you got a bonus please try playing!