Capture the blackjack at VeraJohn Casino!

Blackjack capture with VeraJohn!

Although it is Blackjack, I think that I can compete in the same betting manner as Roulette.
Blackjack at Bellajon Casino is an online bout with overseas field dealers.

You can actually see the beautiful bunny girl’s sister giving out, so it’s probably connected to the dealer’s side protection. Blackjack at the casino does not fight among customers, it will be a game against dealers.
I used my head very much when I was doing Blackjack. That is because I am very afraid of whether I will draw the next card.

As you know, Blackjack is easier to win as the total number of cards is closer to 21.
However, I know only one card that I own, so I can only figure out what my number is.
Also, if you exceed 21, you will be defeated by saying a burst, so judging whether to draw a card is very severe. On the other hand, if the dealer bursts, we will win no matter how weak numbers are, but if the dealer bursts with himself, the dealer will win.

In other words, if the dealer is going to burst, there are also hands that weak numbers can be encountered and not pulled.
The bargaining here is quite difficult and also interesting. Bella John Casino is the only place you can taste at home.
Besides, I tried various VeraJohn games, but in the end I was doing only two of roulette and blackjack.

By the way VeraJohn doubles the points you can get if you charge with credit card, so if you charge $ 500, you can play 100 dollars. It is profitable when you think that chances are twice.
However, it is not good to do it all day with so much fun, so we recommend doing it as part of play.