I absolutely earn money at VeraJohn Casino’s roulette!

Join the VeraJohn Casino! Can you earn? Can not earn money? The reputation of online casino site

What is an VeraJohn Casino?

VeraJohn Casino is one of the overseas online casinos, one of the most popular sites in the country.
The game itself is still unique only abroad, and there are all 747 games.
Slots and junk pots are also available, but what I recommend is speech, roulette and blackjack.
The reason is that the rules are simple, and the reduction rate is over 90% so it is hard to make a big loss.
Especially I have spent roulette all the time, I have made 50 dollars to 400 dollars.

The charm of VeraJohn Casino is in roulette!

When I was turning roulette, I was staring at the screen forgetting the time passed.
Roulette 's rule is simple, it will multiply any number of chips to the numbers 1 – 36 and 0.

Naturally if you bet on only one number you can win a big game, on the contrary if you risk hedge and distribute it, the dividend will decrease.
Especially what I was doing is a method of applying from 1 to 12 13 to 24 frames. In this way, roulette 's hit establishment is two – thirds and dividend is 1.5 times so we can win with 66% establishment.
Also, by betting 1 dollar on 0, even if you hit a place that is most disadvantageous to customers, 0, it will increase by 36 times, so you can do it in total and big.

In order not to lose absolutely at this time, we decided the bet in a certain famous way.
Suppose you wager a bet on all half red in roulette, for example. And money wins ten dollars for the first time.
And I suppose I lost. Then I will bet $ 20 on red.
If you win it will be $ 40 and you will be profitable of $ 10 by deducting from 30 dollars you lost.

If I lose here as well, I will bet $ 40 on the next. If you do so, you can earn $ 10 by deducting the $ 70 you lost.
In other words, if you lose, the next game is to bet twice the amount you paid in the previous game.

Since it is a game that is easy to win probabilistically on the nature of roulette, it rarely loses several consecutive times.
So, it is hard to be defeated and in the end it is a way to always earn profits.

Weak point of this roulette winning method

But there are drawbacks. The first thing is that as you lose consecutively you run out of money.
It can be said that it is suitable for people who have some leeway in assets.

The second case is when 0 has emerged.
0 is the dealer’s win and the color is also green, so you lose even if you bet on either red or black.
However, there is almost no probability that 0 will appear, and if you think about it, you will not be able to enjoy roulette. This betting method is a way to share not only roulette, but all games.

It can be said that it is a solid way to win. If you play casino in this way you basically win, you can not stop.